Bundesdatenschau MRMCD

Tickets available


Tickets are now available for MRMCD 2017: Bundesdatenschau. You can reserve your spot at presale.mrmcd.net. We expect there to be tickets available for sale on site, but note that all merchandise such as the unique MRMCD 2017 conference mug as well as other surprise gadges and t-shirts are only available for presale tickets.

Despite some organizational challenges imposed by this year’s switch of locations, we can keep ticket prices at the same rates as in the last years. This year’s MRMCD take place at their traditional date (first weekend of September) but at a different spot in Darmstadt: The Piloty building of TU Darmstadt. Regular visitors might remember this building from mrmcd101b through to mrmcd1001b.

We are still in search of talks and workshops about both making public data useful and protecting private data, as well as about our regular topics like IT security, software, open source, embedded systems, networks, anonymity and everything related. We are looking forward to your submittions at cfp.mrmcd.net.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at parkaufsicht()mrmcd.net.