Bundesdatenschau MRMCD

Firt schedule version and end of presale


Finally, we can present you a preliminary schedule for this year’s MRMCD! We are happy to see the wide range and diversity of the topics covered in the submitted talks and workshops. You can find the schedule here: https://cfp.mrmcd.net/2017/schedule/

Please be patient with us: Our schedule still is a young plant that needs to grow. Not all speakers have already confirmed their appearance yet and some talks will still shift their exact times.

If you did not do so already, you can buy one of the very last tickets in our ticket shop. We assume that the presale will be sold out very soon. There will be a handful of tickets for sale on site, but since the capacity of the building is limited we cannot promise you to get in without a ticket from the presale.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at parkaufsicht()mrmcd.net.

CfP is closing soon!


Calling upon all shrubbery connoisseurs!

The Call for Participation for our humble little data exhibition is nearly over. You have only four days left to kickstart your carreer in data gardening by submitting a talk or workshop.

Our focus lies on private and public data this year: How do you protect private data – and from whom? How do you use public data? To what purposes? – But apart from that, we’re also interested in our usual topics, such as IT security, open source software, embedded systems, networks, anonymity and whatever really cool projects you’re currently working on.

If you’re not sure if you really should submit a talk (spoiler: yes) or if your talk title is catchy enough, just ask us (at parkaufsicht()mrmcd.net)!

Tickets available


Tickets are now available for MRMCD 2017: Bundesdatenschau. You can reserve your spot at presale.mrmcd.net. We expect there to be tickets available for sale on site, but note that all merchandise such as the unique MRMCD 2017 conference mug as well as other surprise gadges and t-shirts are only available for presale tickets.

Despite some organizational challenges imposed by this year’s switch of locations, we can keep ticket prices at the same rates as in the last years. This year’s MRMCD take place at their traditional date (first weekend of September) but at a different spot in Darmstadt: The Piloty building of TU Darmstadt. Regular visitors might remember this building from mrmcd101b through to mrmcd1001b.

We are still in search of talks and workshops about both making public data useful and protecting private data, as well as about our regular topics like IT security, software, open source, embedded systems, networks, anonymity and everything related. We are looking forward to your submittions at cfp.mrmcd.net.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at parkaufsicht()mrmcd.net.

Call for Participation


The MetaRheinMainChaosDays (MRMCD) are proud to announce that they will host the first Bundesdatenschau (federal data show) - we’re looking forward to all kinds of data accompanied by their owners!

We are looking for talks und workshops taking an in-depth look at the usage of public data and the protection of private data. We’re asking – How are public data resources (ab)used? Where and how has data been made public that shouldn’t have been? Who’s grabbing private data, and what are you doing against it? We’re interested in both social and technical answers. You can submit your talks or workshops at https://cfp.mrmcd.net/2017/ until July 23rd.

The MRMCD are an annual IT conference of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). It is organized by the MRMCD e.V. in cooperation with local hackerspaces, CCC groups, and nearby universities. The conference takes place on the first weekend of September, as per usual. This year’s conference location is the Piloty building of TU Darmstadt, where the MRMCD have taken place previously in 2010.

If you’re interested in submitting a talk, but you aren’t quite sure about the suitability or wording - please reach out to us at parkaufsicht@mrmcd.net. If you’re a first-time speaker, we’re happy to help you, too. If you have ideas for great talks or speakers, we’d be excited to hear those.