Bundesdatenschau MRMCD

Call for angels!


As always, the success of an event depends on many helping hands. If you attended any Chaosevent before, you probably know, how important angels are. But it’s not just work, it’s actually a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

You don’t need any prior experience. First timers are as welcome as regulars. Don’t be shy, we’ll get you started. :)

We are looking for:

Herold Angels, to introduce the next speaker and help with the Q&A after the talk.

Video-Angels, to help with recording talks, checking streams and switching between speaker and slides.

Helpdesk-Angels, to assist other participants with any questions they may have and help coordinate angel-shifts.

Bar- and Tschunk-Angels, to keep our participants well hydrated.

Cash Desk-Angels, to scan tickets of new arrivals and handle distribution of goodies and pre-ordered t-shirts and hoodies.

Breakfast-Angels, to check, restock and clean-up the buffet.

And last, but not least Build Up- and (most importantly) Teardown-Angels to help us make the building look like an university again. You can drop by on Friday starting at 11 am to help with build up or stay on Sunday after the closing until we are done. No matter how much time you have, every help counts.

To coordinate your shifts, please register at mrmcd.net/engel/. There you can book any available shifts. For build up and teardown you can simply drop by and lend a hand.